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“Although birth is only one day in the life of a woman, it has an imprint on her for the rest of her life.”

~Justine Gaines

San Antonio Birth Photography

Jennifer H.

“Kristalyn is a wonderful and knowledgeable doula. An asset to any birth team. I have had the pleasure of working a birth with her and loved the support and care she provided to my client. Definitely recommend!”

Melissa G.

"I was so lucky to have been matched with Kristalyn. I met her later on in my pregnancy but since the first time we met, I knew we were a perfect fit. I felt comforted by her and her knowledge. This was my first baby and all of her tips and tricks were extremely helpful. I especially loved all of her natural remedies for some of my issues and she was always available to assist me with my silly questions. She was patient and attentive throughout our entire journey. And always supported my decisions and was familiar with all of my options that were thrown at me late in my pregnancy. I really wouldn't have wanted my pregnancy and labor to go any other way than with her there by my side."

"Kristalyn was such a blessing and encouragement throughout my pregnancy and birth with my second. With my first delivery everything went wrong and I was so scared for how my second was going to go. Kristalyn was exactly what I needed in a doula. She talked me through early labor and helped me listen to my body. She knew all the pressure points and used rebozo which was a life saver! She made me feel completely comfortable throughout everything and was just a joy to have along side me in the delivery room! If you’re thinking you’d like a doula for your birth, Kristalyn will go above and beyond for you!"

Hannah W.

 Kayla O.

 "Kristalyn is a fabulous, kind

hearted, hard working doula!

She was my doula for my home

birth... was there at least 12 hours

straight during labor if not more. Hip squeezes at every contraction in

every position. The beauty of Kristalyn

is she's experienced enough that she knows what she's doing, but still new enough to be open to learn new techniques/tricks. Very educated on

all things birth and baby! Can tell she

has a passion for what she does."

Brittany S.

Johanna V.

"I was blessed to learn about midwives and doulas during my first pregnancy. So of course when I got pregnant for the second time I already knew I wanted to have midwives and a doula as part of my birth plan. There’s nothing better than having knowledgeable & supportive women by your side for the big day.

Kristalyn was a blessing in disguise! Not only is she very educated on the natural labor ways but she is very sweet and supportive! I’m a huge believer that people cross our paths for a reason and Kristalyn is definitely someone I will never forget.

The birth of my sweet baby girl on December 6th is one of the days I will always remember, and words can never describe how thankful I am to have had Kristalyn by my side. She was so prepared, brought oils, knew pressure points, helped me with all my crazy positions, throughout labor, we used a tens machine (which by the way it was a life saver!!!) and cannot forget the hip squeezes! Through every contraction she helped me stay in control and never thought I would be able to breath through them as well as I did if it wasn’t for her.

Birth is a miracle and can be extremely painful, but when you have an amazing doula by your side it makes everything better! When time comes for our third baby I know I would love to have Kristalyn by my side once again.

Thank you for everything you did for us."

"From the moment I met Kristalyn I

loved her energy. We sat down, went

over a birth plan, and she answered

all of my questions. From the moment

I went in, she was my support system. Everything I wanted for my baby and myself I received..."

Kristi P.

“Kristalyn is a truly amazing doula. She is very knowledgeable in all things pregnancy, birth, and postpartum related. She has a very calm and loving demeanor and brings the best skills to advocate for you during your journey to welcoming baby earthside. She cares deeply about her clients. Anyone would be so lucky to have Kristalyn by your side. She truly is remarkable. 5 Stars, hands down ”

Rebecca R. (RN)

"Awesome support for the patient."            


Janelle J.

"Kristalyn is absolutely wonderful. She was the second doula we met with and pretty quickly we knew she was perfect for our family. The connection with her was genuine and made everything feel comfortable, from the questions we asked- to sharing our birthing day with her.

I 100% recommend a doula and I 100% recommend Kristalyn.

She still checks in with our family and it’s always so sweet to reconnect with her."

Erica P.

"Kristalyn was an important key in having a successful and peaceful delivery. Kristalyn helped me organize everything and helped me make sure all my wishes and preferences were respected. I couldn't imagine having such a memorable and smooth delivery without Kristalyn by my side."

Amy J.

"Kristalyn was one of my mentors while becoming a doula a few years ago. We attended a birth together as a team. When the birth took a different course than expected, she was able to help the family navigate their options and understand what was going on. She genuinely cares for her clients and listens to their wishes. She is a wealth of knowledge and works well with the medical team. "Peaceful Presence" is a wonderful way to describe Kristalyn at a birth."

Desiree S.

"Having Kristalyn as our doula made everything easier. She walked me through the many questions I had while pregnant and in labor. Her presence reminded me that I had a voice during delivery. Her sweet and friendly personality along with her intelligence on pregnancy and delivery gave me all the reassurance that I needed to not be afraid of labor as a first time mom. When I have another child I hope she can be our doula again!"


San Antonio Birth Photography

Taylor S.

"I never even thought about "needing" a doula until a friend recommended it. My third pregnancy but first unmedicated home birth was definitely an experience of a lifetime! Prior to labor beginning I had several appointments with Kristalyn in which we discussed expectations and the entire process that included her and my husband's role. It was really important to me that she give my husband whatever techniques and secrets she had and to show my husband what to do. She was incredibly responsive to what I needed at every change. What I found to be comforting and relaxing one moment wasn't the same to the next. After the birth, my husband called her the "Real MVP" for all she did for us. If I could offer anyone any tips it would be to get a doula, and hire Kristalyn!"

Megan B. (Midwife)

"Kristalyn was amazing- great

support to mom and midwife."

Alyxandriah B.

"For my second pregnancy, I knew I

wanted a doula but, I didn’t know

exactly what I wanted. Kristalyn turned

out to be the perfect match for me and

my family. She was so patient and

asked me about my goals for my birth.

She tailored her care perfectly to my

wishes and helped me accomplish

my first home birth. Thank you, Kristalyn

not only being an amazing doula but for becoming my friend."

Marsha C.

"Kristalyn was my doula during the birth of my son. As a first time mom I recommend having a doula during childbirth and I highly recommend Kristalyn. The knowledge, expertise, and care she provided me prior, during, and after childbirth was amazing! She was relatable, thorough when answering all my questions, and anticipated my needs. She is just a great person and I'm glad that she was my doula!"

Jessica K.

"I first met Kristalyn on a FB natural birth page. She reached out to me after I posted something discussing my prior traumatic birth. She kept in touch over the months, without even officially being my doula. She just randomly would check in and talk with me. I hadn't planned to hire a doula, nor had I had one with any of my prior births.

I am so glad that she reached out to me, otherwise I wouldn't have had the redeeming birth that I did. I was more than afraid of birth after my third baby, it took me years to get the courage to get pregnant again. In fact, I had developed an anxiety disorder that a few of my doctors had labeled as PTSD due to that birth. I had went in to be induced alone, didn't have a plan for what I wanted and didn't have a support system. I texted her A LOT, I had lots of question and worries and concerns. Sometimes really late at night. She never made me feel like an inconvenience, and was always just there when I needed her. She was always full of great information to share with me. At one point my daughter was transverse, she came to my house and helped me practice some spinning babies positions, and my daughter flipped head down.

She was waiting for me when we showed up to the hospital, and didn't leave until after my daughter was born. She stayed with me all night, and was completely there for me. I was shaking with anxiety when I had to get my IV in and was first getting settled into my room. She had the most calming touch and presence and her hip squeezes helped more than I can explain through the big contractions towards the end. She lent me her tens machine and if I could go back I would have used one of those during my other three births!

With her support I was able to stay calm, my husband and I were even able to laugh and joke through a lot of my labor. This birth has shown me that birth is not scary, and that I can trust my body to bring my babies safely into this world, and that a doula that you love and trust is absolutely a must!

She picked the perfect name for her business, because Peaceful Presence is exactly what she was to me, and that is exactly what I needed. She was an absolute gift to me, and anyone who is able to have her attend their birth will know what a blessing she truly is."

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